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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Springs meet

Today was the funeral of the phenomenal Theresa Marcis. No one will ever match her for magic, presence and gratefulness again. Our hearts were full today.
This is Jill, Ann and Ken. Without too much story, they were the ones who offered their homes to Theresa so she could define her own healing journey. They were angels of compassion and kindness. They created the framework so 40 or so community members, such as myself, could come and care for Theresa, and be filled with her wonderful spirit, at the same time they were overseeing our care and filling in when the schedule went empty. Still, it’s hard. Theresa’s mom fell and broke her hip at the funeral home last night. I believe Theresa’s spirit is free but dear Laura is alone in a hospital bed tonight.
Folks remarked that Theresa died on the first day of Spring.
Spring is also a dear person who has had to go through cancer treatment. Tonight was a dinner, ballet folklorico and baile fundraiser to help her with her medical expenses. We didn’t stay but I so rarely wear a dress I asked Michael to get a picture of me against the sunset.


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