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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A loop through

I'm back home after doing this huge loop up north to Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta and McCloud. It's my first travel to do trainings for my work with the Cancer Detection Program: Every Woman Counts (in the 42 MPG Geo Metro super car.) Today I headed east to the great mountain valleys as far east as Bieber.

Before I did the loop I skied on Sunday at the Nordic Track on the flank of Mt. Shasta. First time I've skied alone since Michael and I have been married. I felt independent but missed sharing my experiences with him.
I had the sobering experience of helping with the rescue of an older skier who did a seat plant on some tree litter at the base of a hill. He broke his leg or his hip or his pelvis or just dislocated a past hip replacement. The main thing is that it was sudden and incredibly painful and disrupting to his life. One minute you're drinking in this beautiful afternoon of skiing then boom, off to the hospital with a serious problem.

Just as I was leaving home Sunday morning Ruby and Lev were leaving the land in Magnolia. They were with us through the winter and it seemed like the time just flew. It was really hard to have them go. I'm so tired of loss and we all fell in love with them. Mainly we just want them to stay safe and healthy as they motor off to wherever they go next but it would also be pretty great if they'd come back.... (


At April 17, 2009 at 8:27 AM , Blogger Andrew said...

dear chris,

thanks so much for your sweet words about our departure! I miss you all at Riparia. Next winter in Chico?? Who knows...

Love, Lev


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