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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up

I guess they call it the hungry moon but here we want for nothing.
In Haiti, despite the intelligent and open faces of the children, so far immune from showing suffering in their faces, Guthrie and Mica made it to Leogane, which was 90% destroyed in the earthquake. The Neges Foundation (c/o 365 11th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215) now has 1500 people on their premises in makeshift tents. Guthrie wrote of starting a garden, composting, and pit toilets with the people at this place. A few friends making a big difference. Send $$ if you can.

Max has taken on the orchard in the back and we walked it with him yesterday figuring what was what. He wants to start a fruit and nut CSA and it is good to welcome him to his endeavors. Nothing about farming is easy but it is good when young people are drawn to its labors.

Yesterday was the Tour de Ed and Ed, naturally, showed up in a gorilla costume. His accident was at Christmas time two years ago while we were in the Texas gulf coast. Despite all that time that has passed I have not been over to his house and we talked about what that is about. When you love someone but don't see them after they become seriously ill or injured... I hold it out there for the light to shine on my guilt, confusion, excuses, and love.

So, Bob Trausch in a suit! What next? This was Peter Tyler's wedding this week to the beautiful Tina with his proud former foster parents flanking them. I hope they will be happy and good parents to the baby who will soon grace their lives. Yesterday we celebrated Leslie's Bday (International Women's Day, March 8) a bit early with a scrumptious marion berry pie. What a dear and hard working person Les is!


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