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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spanish Creek to Frazier Falls

We left town on Saturday afternoon for a respite and were surprised by rain on our first morning out. We were camped on Spanish Creek outside of Quincy.
The photos managed to be out of sequence but we hiked to Upper Sardine Lake, just under the Sierra Buttes in the late afternoon on Sunday. The peaks were socked in and fleeting above the lake.

This is Frazier Falls. We've tried to ski into here before but didn't quite make it. This time of year it has a nice wheelchair accessible half mile trail to this outlook. The creek falls 176 feet and it's worth seeing. It's on the road into Gold Lakes from Graeagle.

This is the top of the's a beautiful time of year in the high county, just before the bitter cold and snow.

So, back where we started in the gentle rain down lower on Spanish Creek before it joins the Feather River.


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