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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Frosty Thanksgiving

Two nights ago the frost swept away the color and lives of my summer garden. I don't know if everyone talks to their plants but I do. I wished them good bye and Thanked them for their beauty and productiveness. I harvested the last of everything and gave away some. Now, once this Dia de Gracias is complete I'll pull up the drip tubing and start cleaning up so the garden space can rest.
The winter plantings and the volunteers of last year's winter plantings are offering food and the need for weeding as green shoots of diverse cold tolerant weeds start to sprout. Some years the frost is before Thanksgiving and some years it is after but despite our fears of destructive changes on a changing planet my garden satisfies a basic comfort need I have for predictability. As long as there is summer water we will be ok here in the valley with our lovely soil and dogged sun. I give Thanks.

I pulled random photos from 2009 and 2008 as well as 2007. While I'm sad to be away from my brother's family by three years I'm grateful Orien will be home today and we can spend our non traditional meal of harvested odds and ends from the garden together. I think it will be broccoli and chard and squash for sure... sounds exciting don't you think? To me what is important is to give Thanks for what we have... certainly adding what we bought is ok but it's the food we have grown and related with which nourishes our spirits and bodies best. Having Orien, her dad, Michael and I together is enough and warmly satisfying. Our big extended Riparia land gathering will be Saturday and that's when the dead turkey will probably turn up on some platter. Thank goodness that is not our lot tonight.

Despite any differences we may have about food or politics or how to live life I wish you Health and Well Being. Wherever you are, whatever you believe I honor our connection and your efforts to live the best life you can. To our dear planet I recommit my life in gratitude and service. Peace to all and may you have enough of whatever you need on this day and every day.


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