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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vets Solidarity Vigil

I guess you can't read these "tree rings" (a bench in Chico with dates of John Muir's life.) I was waiting here for sandbags to hold the Peace Panel Project signs from blowing over and was struck by the ginko leaf wandered down to make itself part of the impressiveness.
All our love and all our work! Charles is a third generation sign and graphic design maker and I'm so glad he has independently started to roll out these signs to educate the public.

Today at least 70 people (all four corners) participated in the Peace Vigil in support of the +131 Vets and others arrested in Washington, New York and San Francisco on Thursday with a strong call for mobilization against the wars. Their national coverage was just about non-existent but check out the first footage at for a clear idea of the issues.
I love the Chico peace activists and all the folks that came out today. I don't know how it works that action creates energy and momentum but it does. I feel very touch and moved by the community who gathered to stand together today against the drones, the terrible waste of life and squandering of wealth for these horrible wars.. there is no way to balance it but in our small act of resistance we create a force for change that is somehow able to temporarily block the discouragement and emotional pain of the reality of war.

Here's Michael being interviewed by Tom Gascoyne, KCHO. I hope there will be outgoing ripples that spread and touch others to do more. We are all we have now-- no representational government whatsoever in Washington. (The repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell is good for justice and equality as far as that goes but it doesn't help one less youth decide not to enlist.)
I sure appreciated all the Vets out on the corners today especially. They know the folly first hand and their Truth to Power is the perfect anecdote to all the lies.


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