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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Plastic with winter

The big picture is pretty overwhelming these days with the Repugs in control and the Demos spineless and almost as bad on any given day. I came home from some sobering radio interviews to the Riparia land work day. As previously complained about I don't like the plastic shade clothe that is going around the base of all the sweet little native seedlings that are going in on the border and indeed I completely balked at helping... planted two the way I like with cardboard and heavy chip mulch but that was definitely more labor intensive.
That's the problem. The stuff is so darn helpful and convenient. I definitely can not think of a better affordable alternative for my lemon tree when there are frosts. I just hate the stuff though and it's hard to walk around the land now with the winter exposure showing plastic everywhere. In the case below it's keeping down wild grape and poke which are endlessly difficult to take out by digging.

I take my gripes to the Gods of beauty and light and the Glory of Dog. With all the things to worry about in this world what happens here at home binds up more emotional energy than anything else.

This is Pula Praiser. He's my advisor on how to handle life and so far his advice is working.... I'm enjoying a rainy day and feeling pretty ok despite all the suffering and wrongness in the world.


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