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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Into April

This morning I went and laid in the field looking up into the busy crowns of the old oaks until Sasha came up from the creek and dripped on me. There were a pair of orioles along with others I couldn't make out. A whole world of life we never see when we are walking along and rarely have our line of sight skyward.
Last night was skyward with Emma's Revolution. Part of life must be in the Beauty and in the Yearning for what we know is possible because it is so strong in our spirits. Their voices soared with that quality and that is still where my grateful Sunday self is.

I don't know if the rains are over (here on the Sac this week) but I certainly feel lighter with some of the federal budget stuff decided despite the fact I don't know what the cuts budget will mean yet in terms of suffering-- I was so obsessed about women's health I could barely focus on the rest and I'm sure that was part of the sneak in a bunch of nefarious cuts while we were focused on women's health. Next is the state. The Left at least is focusing more and more on drawing attention to the 1% that own the 25% and do not pay their share... Now will the rich and the corporations ever pay their share and will the wars end as a real solution to the budget crisis? I guess, as they say, the battle lines are being drawn while nature goes about her job of attraction, pollination, feeding, balancing, always filling those niches with endless creativity even with death, decay and rebirth. (This old tree and the lupins below it are three blocks from my work in Hamilton City.)


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