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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fields are plowed

We have gone from weedy and lawless to disced and orderly in a matter of days. To me the weedy state is overwhelming but with a good tractor what is green, tangled, lush and difficult in its zest to outgrow or find a niche becomes disappeared in a sea of brown crumbly soil, ready to plant (and again rampage the competition of weeds just waiting for rebirth.) Bruce got his tomato plastic palace up and it was looking quite tidy and he put in some late cabbage family... one can't guess about the weather these days. GRUB is just behind, just plowing so far.
Michael is still in Wisconsin so I went out to celebrate another wonderful Aries on their birthdays and see the Banff Film Festival without him. Patti's tiara is a soup bowl. A bunch of us went to the Empty Bowls benefit for the Torres Shelter last night. The High School students make the bowls and local restaurants make soup for tasting and you get to take your bowl home with you... this is a good community benefit and I'm glad I went even though my vegetarianism left me a few bowls short of full.
The guests at Torres are lucky in some ways. Our neighbors on Comanche Creek have moved on and unfortunately, like the rest of our society, the plastic remains. I'm thinking about doing a Crapathon... offering 100$ to the person who can pick up the most garbage on Earth Day... I'm just concerned someone will cheat... perhaps it should be for the most articles of garbage? I picked up itsy bits of plastic out of the ditch to Comanche Creek today for awhile and don't know how to make the point that this stuff is overwhelming the waterway environments.
I do enjoy mind quieted walks with Sasha a couple a times a day and this is at the back of the land where Rocky's bees are where weeds still reign and spring is still evolving itself.


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