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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth, Labor, Pancakes

Chico had a wonderful Earth Day Celebration put on by the Butte Environmental Council. First I want to tell about one cigarette butt campaign before I say how glad I am that they are doing their's.
A guy cleans the sidewalks of some of the businesses downtown. The one that really bothers me is a popular bar where lots of people smoke. He shoots the butts out into the gutter to be washed into the storm drain and down to Big Chico Creek. My attempts to reason with him have had no effect and my appeals to others for help didn't work so finally on Saturday I did a Citizen's Arrest which didn't exactly get him hauled off, which is fine, but now Code Enforcement is going to make him use some sort of a collection device... I am SOOO Glad! And I didn't even have to dress up in a butt suit.

MaMuse at dusk in the brisk and magical evening was wonderful, especially powered by all the people off to the right powering the stage on bicycles. These young women bring environmentalism out from the spirit, recognizing in a deep and fundamental way our connection with our roots as beings in and off nature.

The next day there was a dynamic Labor Rally attended by about 350 people in the same place we had enjoyed the night before. I wish you will click on this sign if you have any doubts about the Righteousness of Collective Bargaining.

The most touching for me were all these clients and their workers together supporting the United Home Care Workers, just one of the many groups of organized workers there. What will happen if these people have their benefits cut and what will happen to the workers? We just can't let it happen.

Finally, Pancakes for Peace and the annual Easter egg hunt! It was a wonderful morning. Last night I'd gone to the Label GMO foods, Right to Know Campaign dinner and then left to pick up Michael at the airport... so good to have him home although I was off to volunteer for my 6:30 shift at "Pancakes" which I didn't mind a bit... so many beloved sweet good Chico people and such a good benefit for the Peace and Justice Center!


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