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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tomorrow it's my brother's 60th Birthday but I note on FB that is also the Birthday of the wonderful Anna Kastner of KZFR's Native Song program Mondays 6-8am, shown here with the equally wonderful Laurel Avalon, host of the Peace and Justice Program every other Friday 11:30-1pm. It's Pledge Drive and I think it would be great if folks would call the station early tomorrow in honor of Anna's Birthday--530-891-0131. Laurel had John Trudell on as well as yours truly who was also womaning the phones.
Last weekend we got away to ride the second portion of the Rails to Trails from Goumaz to Susanville. We camped at Goumaz one night and one night on Lake Almanor and also paddled around Juniper Lake, shown here with Mt. Lassen poking up behind it. The fall colors along the Susan River make this a very good time to bike the "Bizz."
Meanwhile Occupy Chico continues with lots of energy. Linda Furr (with the Honk sign) shown here with Susan Samadhi received the Peace Center Peacemaker award at the Annual Dinner for her dedication and involvement and for carrying forward the Chico Peace Endeavor for the last six years.
And Renay Davis of Code Pink sent me some photos from our Creech arrest. I was singing in this shot and look pretty dumb but it was a dramatic time as I think you can sense from the photo. I'm next to Jim Haber of Nevada Desert Experience and others from the Catholic Worker. (I got to know and enjoy the women from our jail booking but not the men since we weren't allowed to communicate with them at all.)
Things otherwise are pretty quiet. Michael built me these fire salvage log raised beds and with the continued warm weather my winter vegetables are doing great. Today I planted garlic--they say to plant on Halloween but I couldn't wait to fill up the last spots of the beds. It's good to be home. To meditate, eat waffles with our land partners, clean up a bit, dry apples and freeze strawberries... we are very lucky, I know it.
My job is threatened but I haven't been thinking about that...yesterday did 7 hours of clinical breast exams for the Free Mammography Day with the local Soroptomist group and North State Imaging. There were many stories of women losing their jobs and health insurance and that is why I keep our garden and preserve food, because you never know.


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