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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Code Pink Vigils at Creech

This is Toby. I don't like to say that she is the most committed and most focused activist of the Code Pinkers I've met because everyone cares deeply but she does definitely stay on task and inspire others and consistently stays on message about the negative aspects of war and especially drone warfare. We were arrested together, hand in hand, before the open South Gate. We had a choice of crossing onto the base and incurring Trespassing charges with a lengthy sentence vs. stopping short of going onto the base and getting a citation. I certainly wasn't prepared to cross the line so we ended up with guess what? Jaywalking citations! (This is because the military doesn't want to get publicity about what it is doing at Creech.) The 5 hour booking procedure at the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas was a real eye opener, filled with interminable waiting, nonsensical requirements and many uncaring abuses of ordinary people. I'm going to ask to do an article about it in so please watch for it--there's so much more to say.
The Code Pink banners remind the air force personnel and the civilians who work on the base that they aren't just going to an ordinary job each day. It's urging them to think about what they are doing and challenging them to consider the loss of civilian life and the costs of doing war. Over the week that Code Pink was vigiling twice a day they all would have had plenty of opportunities to see us and many miles to think about what they were participating in-- for me a very worthwhile use of my time out on Hwy 95.

Here's Ming. He's not Code Pink but looks grand in Pink! He's an RN, an organizer and a very knowledgeable and agreeable person, currently with Nevada Desert Experience. He's standing right where the military turn into the South Gate of Creech each morning. The Code Pink gals got us out there well before dawn to be there for the shift changes. I set my intention to each motorist (usually driving alone up from Las Vegas, about 30 miles south)- Peace to you. Peace to you. Peace to you. That and the peace sign and a smile...what else could one do during those long hours of "bannering?"
This is where we hung our words and bodies for the afternoon shift coming out of that same gate.
Liz and Maggie came up from Phoenix for the vigils and Leslie flew in from SF; Toby came from the (Stop the War Machine) actions in Washington, D.C. We were a keen feast of peace mongers and we also had a very good time.


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