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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The most bombed place on earth

On Sunday, October 9th our Code Pink contingent went up to the Nevada Test Site to join Western Shoshone Nation representatives, the Catholic Worker Gathering and Nevada Desert Experience in a prayerful and powerful symbolic action at the Nuclear Weapons Test Site.
In this photo the Western Shoshone headman addresses the military across the line about the stolen lands, the contamination of the land and the common good. Having the leadership of the Western Shoshone people, their drums, smudge, and wise words really touched me. I could sense their heritage as true caregivers and appreciators of the desert lands and it gave me a deep understanding how things could be.
The Catholic Worker folks had come together from all over the nation for their time together cumulating with civil disobedience at the test site as well as at Creech. These are the people who follow the voluntary simplicity and lives of service begun by Dorothy Day in the 1930s. They live and work among the poor and walk the walk.
While some sashay the walk and get there just the same with unique spirit, strength and caring. This is Nancy from Code Pink and Marcus from Nevada Desert Experience. Check out his postings on

And some people were quiet heroes and icons of the peace movement. Above, Father Louis Vitali who has been jailed so many times for peace he does not recall the number anymore. Below is the granddaughter of Dorothy Day who read from the writings of her famous grandmother and I'd like to just write that out below from the liturgy that day, prior to the 50 people being arrested.... Her reading had me sobbing, considering at a gut level the horrifying potential and history of nuclear weapons (which rely on testing.)
"Mr. Truman was jubilant. President Truman. True man; what a strange name, come to think of it. We refer to Jesus Christ as true God and true Man. Truman is a true man of his time in that he was jubilant. He was not a son of God, brother of Christ, brother of the Japanese, jubilating as he did. He went from table to table on the cruiser which was bringing him home from the Big Three conference, telling the great news; "jubilant" the newspapers said. Jubilate Deo. We have killed 318,000 Japanese..."


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