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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The journey to Creech

I'm going to tell the story of my visit to Creech Air Force Base over the next few days. The saga physically began on Friday, Oct. 7th when Elenore and Renay and I met up at the Sacramento Airport and drove I-80 to the Nevada Hwy 95 corridor down to the Goddess Temple at Cactus Springs, a journey of 14 hours.
The photos are all turned around, as usual, so I have to jump the story around to tell it. The first photo was of the labyrinth and this is the Goddess Temple, built in appreciation to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. The photo was taken after a ritual there the first night of our stay at the guest house and I don't know what the camera was doing with the candlelight and moonlight through the door and roof but it was magical.
This is how the outside looks in the stark blueness of the desert daylight -- still magical.
About three miles down the road is Creech Air Force Base, where the opposite energy prevails. Creech is one of the places where the U.S. targets unmanned drones against people in other countries who surveillance drones think may be enemies, often times raining absolute terror out of the skies onto civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. It's a rogue and exquisitely expensive technology that is against International Law and a weapon of Terrorism and we had come to take a stand against the Drone Program.
This is the very mundane looking south gate where I was arrested with 17 others on Sunday.
And this again is the natural beauty of this part of the desert, north of Las Vegas with 11,000 foot peaks in the distance...the first photo I took from the Goddess Center. Below is Candace, the kind, wise, easy going and thoroughly sane priestess of the temple whose hospitality I appreciate very much.
I just got home and need to work tomorrow so more on this tomorrow. Peace to you.


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