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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Somethings fishy

We went to San Francisco and visited the Academy of Sciences with Orien. They have a newly designed bio-dome with rainforest conditions. The roof is a habitat too. Orien's room mate feeds the sharks and told us about behind the scenes care for the many fish and other species. I was so struck by the beauty and variety of not just the fish but the anemone, the coral, the sea horses...
We did lots, even went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, speaking of erosion. Up here on Turtle Hill in the Grandview Park you earn your fantastic views out in every direction with a long stair climb but the poor tree roots are so eroded at the top they are losing their grip. I took photos of that too but when you have so many shots you just want to show the "good ones."
Before I left, after work on Thursday I went along the Feather River and shot pictures of salmon off Bedrock Park and also up at the fish ladder before the first impassable spillway, I was going to do a whole post-- and it would have been a sad one--on the wondrous salmon and how they are artificially spawned these days. Here they are in their ancient beauty though as incredible as any around the world.
Lastly, Orien has come home with us-- I'm so grateful for every small visit. This was a good one though--lots of delicious food, down time for movies and football, even the beach and World Vegetarian Day! I did try to find the encampment for the Occupy San Francisco people too but didn't have good enough directions to locate them... All our city miles were logged on foot or the muni... great to leave the car quietly sitting except to come home in (on Biofuels Oasis biodiesel.)


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