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Friday, November 25, 2011

Buy Nothing Day

Happy Buy Nothing Day!
Yesterday we had two Thanksgivings. One at the Occupy. It was a miraculous gathering of food providers who turned into food samplers and people who came simply to eat. All of us in a fine mood on a drizzly afternoon. The second dinner was set to be another big Riparia feast but few showed up so we enjoyed ourselves none the less but felt a little less than our usual over-flowing at the seams selves. All in all a memorable and wonderful day.
The photo is of Susana, a superb cook, in her full-on Cornucopia Goddess self.
 Today was Black Friday, what we call Buy Nothing Day with the proviso that Local, Green, Fair Trade, Home-made are way o.k. So many people are out of work. So many of us thinking about our shared values in regards to consumerism and exploitation and expectations and the whole conversation around Christmas buying.

Folks from this Occupy sponsored vigil were on all four corners of the main entrance to the Chico Mall on 20th Street. A local printer donated his time and made the wonderful signs and all these sweet people got out there to make these strong points.

 Tomorrow is Fair Trade Day at the Chico Peace and Justice Center.  I hope people will do what they can to slip out of the clutches of corporate control and do what is needed to save our planet and people.


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