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Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop the Drones- Beale Protest

 Great to see new folks at the Beale North Gate today and we had some new banners and signs too. Meanwhile the FAA has authorized the use of domestic drones so there was new bad news on the drone front this week.
 Carol Eberling and I came down from Chico and there were six folks from Nevada City and a wonderful new woman from Marysville. Jeff from Nevada City led us in wonderful peace and justice movement songs and the time just flew by.
 Toby had a good day because the base MP didn't call the sheriff, or the sheriff didn't come, so she was able to leaflet a lot of the service personnel leaving the base. We always hope if they can read our words of common sense and peace they will start to rethink their involvement in the drone warfare program.
 Here's our whole little contingent this lively and somewhat blustery spring day.
Another thing that was different was that the SR-71 spy planes made low circles right over our heads and there were many fighter jets out blasting around. I hope the increased activity has nothing to do with Iran.


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