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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Beale

 Beale AFB May 29 and 30... Carol and Jean above asking something the Peace Movement has asked since at least the 60s. Despite the heat we made it through the afternoon shift change and then hunkered in the shade of the Veggie Voyager for sisterhood/fellowship.
Since it was the day after Memorial Day we read from the statements of military folks who had given back their metals at the NATO protest last week-- We each read one-- as we went around the circle.

 We also had a Teach In with Peter Lumsdaine from Alliance to Resist Robotic Warfare & Society and had a candlelight commemoration for what would have been the 33rd Birthday of Casey Sheehan, had he not been killed in Iraq, led by his mom, Cindy.
 After a short and rather noisy night there by the base Main Gate we were back out there vigiling before dawn for the incoming shift.
 But unlike other Beale monthly protests this morning ended badly. One of the activists said offhandedly we should give the flowers (from Casey's commemoration,) to the guards, a few steps away at the gate so another activist just went ahead and started to walk forward to do that with a camera-woman filming her...neither meant at all to risk arrest... but long story short they were immediately cuffed and before long charged with federal trespass, which can be a serious charge.
We shot our last shot defiantly but were actually pretty shaken. The militarization of our earth extends to kind gestures by good people... However, we were able to give out the flyer (excerpted above) to over 90 people and many people were very positive to our messages-- What we are doing is important and we need to press forward, even into the heat of the summer and against difficult odds.


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