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Thursday, April 4, 2013

No FRACKING Chevron!

 Spill records, safety cultures... I am unimpressed Chevron. Occupy Chico did a powerful rush hour "Good Friday" action at one the Chevron stations in town in Solidarity with the Unist'ot'en Clan who are standing up to Chevron and Apache Oil Companies, stopping the Pacific Trail Pipeline across their unceded land in mid British Columbia.
 Many of the people here are incredible activists. We are all concerned about Fracking as perhaps the most dangerous issue facing us internally in the U.S. but also the tar sands oils, like what is proposed for the Keystone XL. So much of the fate of human-kind is now turned inward... war and imperialism for resources have now turned to self destruction by Big Oil and Gas with Canada inextricably linked to our folly.
 If a reader doesn't know much about Fracking I'd suggest that the film Gasland, by Josh Fox, is now free to watch online and there is a shorter film called The Sky is Pink ( which can also demonstrate the risks of this hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas.
 Michael was out there taking in some late afternoon rays and some hefty hydro-carbons with us.
 There were over 30 people among us and many more supporters driving by. We were only slightly depleted at 6:30 when we got the "group shot" otherwise we were on all four corners, walking Fracking info cards ("occucards") to the cars/trucks stopped for the lights. It was empowering to be part of global solidarity, with people everywhere standing up against the fossil fuel industries' last attempts to squeeze one more glut of wealth for themselves out of an exhausted planet. Now is the time for Renewable Energy. It can be done and we are moving that precious Agenda forward.


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