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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

out like a lamb

 The blog has fallen itself behind and I'm just reporting from the space that isn't exactly current to these events. What strikes me about the theme of the lamb is that it is an Easter creature, the symbol of a quieted month and it is prey to just about anything... cute and fragile, precious, under-appreciated, and new.
Tentative. Loveable. Eatable.
So the story begins that I had a streak of boldness to meet some new people and invite them over to the home of people I know pretty well but really not so well that I would usually be so bold. Still, it worked out and was special for me. I met Joni, above left, on Facebook, and she seemed like a kindred spirit. Somehow I invited her, her husband Alan (nurse, writer, also an environmentalist,) to Turkey Tail Farm, home of Susan and Steven Tchudi, amazing retired academics, herb growers, Ecotopia hosts ( Tuesdays 6pm) and Steven edited and did 99% of the work publishing the Veggie Voyagers book in 2010.  The other amazing person involved in the visiting was Dave Garcia, retired from the park service, Sierra Club trip leader and anti-fracking activist without equal.
It was just a wonderful day for me to hang out with these folks and later visit the Garcia home near-by. Spring beauty abounding and surrounding must have made me feel safe...

 Then the other thing to mention for this time while Michael was away along the Eastern Sierras skiing was a memorial for our friend Saria Farr. Sheldon, Orien and I drove up to North San Juan to honor Saria's life with many of her other friends. Saria was an uncompromising hippie who lived out her life in a school bus and was part of a circle of independent and life-loving people who live there in the Sierra, mostly in harmony with the seasons and one another. Below is a snippet of a haunting song her two wonderful daughters, Terry and Barbara Manning sang. None of us is strong enough to live forever even though I can't imagine life without Saria's grin.


At April 3, 2013 at 8:58 AM , Anonymous Allan Stellar said...

We had a lovely day and we look forward to gathering together again sometime soon.


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