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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

of past times

 Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I had no computer to use to blog for the last bit of time. I'm starting back from the full moon...that super-sized moon. I don't know how to make things any different than I see them and the camera sees them. We did go up for the opportunity of the full moon though and I took a bunch of photos up there on the ridge... all for this same silver dollar.
 We had a freak rain storm last week ? so M and I drove up to above Cherry Hill and camped out in the rain and just enjoyed the green and a nice 12 mile bike loop around Colby Meadows.
 The next momentous thing was Orien's half birthday. She was born on Christmas eve so never got winter parties so we always had swim parties for her in the summer. This was an opportunity to celebrate... something we love doing.

 Then it was my birthday. Weezie kept me going all day with Breakfast out, a movie and then we joined Laurel for a spa treatment and ended up with a swim party... really the sweetest gathering of friends. So lucky to round this bend of 66 with such kindly people.

Then lastly Karen's birthday, right on the heels of mine. The treat was seeing her son Ben who was a little guy when they lived on the land. Ben is a fine man now and was here with his partner Caroline. I'm so glad they could come to be with Karen and we got to talk about old times.
Michael took this photo... we are both puttering along in the extreme heat. Ready to leave the valley next month and get back into the mountains.


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