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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Veterans for Peace

 Today was a long one for us but we feel greatly calmed tonight. We started at 4am to join the Veterans for Peace at Beale Air Force Base at dawn. Non-violent direct action consisting of reading an indictment against the base commander and crossing onto the base were carried out at two gates by 13 people.
 I was at the Wheatland gate for the arrests there and it was a moving symbolic gesture to see Fred Bialy, who had been our guest days earlier, holding up hand-cuffs meant for the citizens arrest for war crimes aimed at the base commander.
 Then there were some hours of waiting for folks to be released. Obviously Shirley was over-joyed! Cathy, from our community here in Chico was also arrested and she follows Shirley in this little procession.
 In the short telling of it it may not seem like much but people are being spied on and targeted from Beale and that is not something any of us can tolerate to continue. The American people must find out and the military must be put on trial and it is only through these arrests that we can hope to make a dent in the evil of "business as usual." Targeted killing and the sanctioned collateral murder of children begs to be opposed.


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