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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moms of two generations

 Happy Mothers Day and Happy Birthday to Mary Carmen. It was a wonderful afternoon at the little walnut orchard oasis of Olivia's mom. I am so grateful to Orien and her dear old friends for including me.
 Mary Carmen has three kids now and Ema has two. They are wonderful moms of wonderful children and I feel graced when I'm with them by their elegant embodiment of motherhood.
 In every new generation the mothers emerge strong and glowing and balancing many things with grace and the love of their families and friends. It is a wonderful skein to be part of... I've known Ema since she was the age of her girls and now she is the center of her girls' world.
 And Mary Carmen's mom, Mary Jane, is the grandmother of 10. Their family is a strong farming family that has created both deep roots of family but also made a good living from the bounty of this earth.
And Olivia and her mom Andy. Olivia is our acupuncturist and her mom was my La Leche league teacher so many years ago. We appreciate their generosity in having us over today. Happy Mothers Day to them and all of you Moms and children of Moms! May you have peace and all you need for yourselves and your children.


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