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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Children of Endangered Species

 It was a surprise to me when the Endangered Species Faire led the Spring Parade this morning. I was out there gathering signatures for our Frack-Free Butte County effort when I saw these lovely people and Mother Earth puppet headed my way. I jumped on my bike and made it to One Mile in time to see a parade of children go by.. each little earnest person knew the name of his or her animal. (Steve Tchudi - shown here -and his wife Susan, went to classrooms through the year to help the classes make their animals.)
 It is my belief that these will be the warriors who will try to protect these creatures if the creatures survive until these young ones grow up. They won't forget the animals they have studied and crafted with their own hands.
 Even if the animals may be imperfect in the way they are expressed they are known by these children. Loved. Respected. They won't forget to care. I'm almost positive.

I don't know any of these children but feel very appreciative to them for their projects and their caring. I'm going to post two more posts so the community can find the link. It will be on the Butte Environmental Council Facebook page and my own. No more words. Just photos.


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