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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Palace of Life

 I spent the better part of five days up in Butte Creek Canyon meditating with other facilitators of the Complete Self Attunement practice. We get together twice a year with our teacher Don Kollmar and update our consciousness with intensive sensing into the fabric of the universe.
 It heals the body and releases the person in so many ways. If you want a space that helps your body and your anxieties but is more than you than look at csaprocess.
 Meanwhile, on the breaks I took photos of the butterflies and bees on the sage and lavender. Up in the canyon there is lots of wildlife but I was grateful for these incredible but pedestrian creatures.
 Look how the pipevine swallowtail holds down the petals of the flower so it can better sink it's proboscis-- all this while fluttering, never landing.
 I loved being there for the full moon, for the ease of being, for the sweet mornings. I stayed in the VV alone. Michael was at home and I relished the stillness of my time.
 But we went out to Fathers Day dinner with Orien, Sheldon and Penni when I got home tonight and I was so happy to be reunited with Michael... to have him near and to go on with our open eyed lives. The meditation has better prepared me for staying grounded in the springs of life and in the energetic fabric of aliveness but my heart is always here, with Michael.


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