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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Frack Free Butte Hands over the Petitions!

 We worked so hard for this day! We started this campaign last summer. The language was pretty much done in January but not good enough for some legal opinions so our clock was ticking on signature gathering started in earnest in March. We trained people and they showed up or they didn't.. new people inserted themselves and the passion and commitment just built and built. It was like a tight fitting puzzle...everyone trying to do their part with-out fraying anyone else. And the tag teaming! When I took over when Chuck got sick it was only to hold the center until Grace took it from me when I had to back off. It was truly wonderful.
 Plus, we organized in the whole county...not just Chico but Oroville and Paradise. Not to mention our wonderful Steering Committee and Coordinator. It's just warmed my heart. The next step... Board of Supervisors and Victory Party but the end game is November 4th in the Ballot Box. We know we qualified though because we checked every single name!
 Back home summer deepens...Bruce's onions dry in the shade.
 Michael keeps my car going on bio-diesel... this is what a filling station looks like at our house. Note Selkie's luxurious hair.
 She was definitely embarrassed to be shorn with a scissors by an amateur but after the 230$ fox tail vet visit last week it seemed the vet was right... get it all off... Poor girl.. I wonder what it is like to be see from one's whole eyes after a life of sifting through heavy locks to see out to the world.
She doesn't look too happy though does she? Today is much better.


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