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Friday, May 16, 2008

Very Belated Mothers Day

The valley was already summer bleached flat when I drove to SF to be with Orien for Mother’s Day. My baby Geo gets 42 MPG when I am a good human and not running the air conditioner and drive 55.
You will never believe me again about staying home. OK. With the summer heat I’m not going to apologize for any mountain or beach trips, until the energy crisis worsens thanks to me and everybody else.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. We were joined by Suman, Orien’s friend and roommate, and her parents Gita and Chondu. We took the Muni to the Pier on the San Francisco Bay and then the ferry to Tiberon for lunch outdoors overlooking the harbor. If you don’t know the area, you cross the bay between the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate near Alcatraz and Angel Islands. After the spill last summer I was glad to see thousands of cormorants and the sea lions at Pier 39. For now, there must be some edible fish for them.
Today I accumulated 80$ in parking tickets due to my bumpkin ways and got frustrated and irritable with my dear daughter who had other priorities than her very special mother. Now that I’m miserable on the I-80 corridor I have other sources for being cranky, like too much coffee and not enough non-sweet, non-fat nutritious food. This jumble jungle of ugly consumerism around here leaves me lost even as I know that following the 6 lane yellow brick road out there, beyond this Starbucks, will lead me back to Riparia, AKA Home. Once again, I just need to get over myself and get going in whatever order I can.


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