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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Work Day

It’s been a hot week with temperatures over 100 degrees, which is really nothing compared to how hot it will be during our true long summer.
We finished getting the garden set up this week. Some seeds are in the ground, some on the planting table and we are buying some starts. I have to show off how beautiful the flowers are of the gorgeous matilla poppy, a California native.
Our neighbors Wendy and Hjalmar make regular use of their solar cooker throughout the year so I’m including that in case you don’t see these where you are—they work well.
Today we had a “work day.” We decided to walk our borders and do some weeding and clearing but mostly we just talked about work that needed to be done like invasive plant removal, where trees need to be planted to increase density to our green border, and where to put brush piles. Michael and I got to hear about what was envisioned and what’s been done since we were gone for so long. We ended the hot, itchy exploration with a breathtakingly cold dip in Comanche Creek, first plunge of the summer.


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