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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Energizings

Today is Tax Day (and Michael’s birthday. He is skiing Mt. St. Helen’s today.) The Beyond War Coalition had wonderful characters, giant coins (to emphasize visually our skewed military budget) and a giant mailbox so people could vote their tax dollar preferences. All their creativity and effort was dwarfed by the Republican “tea party” noon extravaganza that brought out all the unstable, unreasonable and other-blaming element from far-out and farther. I surmise these folks have chemical or neurological disorders that fling them far a field of logic and fact but it doesn’t matter, they support the yahoos who run the state Republican party and the Republican agenda to get and keep money in the hands of the wealthy business class and the military industrial complex. It doesn’t matter that over 50% of every tax dollar goes to past or current military related spending…blame the “teenage immigrant welfare mothers on drugs.” (As the song goes.) I got a letter to the editor off this morning protesting the underbelly of their protest due to my own chemical uprisings. I worked, leafleted at the Post Office, turned in my Tax Day letters to our “representatives” in Congress…sent off my state taxes.

And, finally, got out to the asparagus to harvest dinner, as Michael wanted me to do. (Each night when he calls he asks if I’ve harvested the asparagus so this lovely eve my feast is in his honor. I wish him grand vistas, long sweeps of great powder and safe, fun, non grueling time in between.)

Pancakes for Peace is an Annual Peace and Justice Center fund raiser and community happening that is as energetic as any energizer bunny. Volunteers work from dawn to mid-day cutting fruit, flapping jacks, washing dishes, and a myriad of other tasks to make this fun and beneficial for all. This year Karen Goodwin came up with the cruelty free idea of easter rocks instead of hard boiled dyed poultry eggs… unfortunately the idea didn’t leave the coop but the ones that were done were an inspiration.


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