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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Kids" Reunion

Addie is the youngest member of our community. She sat through weekend meetings with the other kids whose ages ranged up to young 40s.
This was our long awaited Kids Reunion. A chance for our heirs to talk with us and with each other about our collectively held land, called Riparia Farm. Here's Leslie, Sheldon and Guthrie.

Emily was explaining some of the great possibilities for planting beneficials plants and creating habitat in the future, as well as for invaisive plant removal here.

Guthrie and her kids came out from the east coast, Tiffany from Vermont and Alek from Boston.

Bob and Leslie, our diehard activists had two of their three kids at the meeting. It was a fantastic weekend for being all together, sharing our partnership agreement and getting the kids' feedback and understanding.


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