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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The land again

This map is what I want to talk about despite a very fantastic weekend of reunions, anniversaries, birthdays and general celebration. Our land is the little 12 acre harp shaped area edged in green.
We are threatened constantly by development interests. The most recent is a big mosquito abatement installation across the creek. They will want to push for a road across the creek and they'll want to drain into the creek.
It's endless the fights to hold the land secure from the threats of toxics and development. I just wanted you to see it. We hold back the challenges to the best ag land in the world. Right here. We also fight for the riparian corridor and the small possibility nature still claims.

Meanwhile there's more to eat out of the garden.

The wild grapes tendril around everything and would swallow up everything if they could.

Michael rebuilt the dock so it is stronger, safer and also reinforced the geriatric dog ramp which Sasha enjoys.


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