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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sasha and I are on our own this week. We walk by Bruce's peppers on our way to the creek twice a day. The heat is oppressive but the walk back, after swimming in Comanche Creek, is always quite comfortable. The water comes from the high country that feeds Butte Creek.
I've replenished my prayer flags for Tibet both for Tibet and for the color to pick up my spirits. I have a sore heel from our Trinity Mts. hike and it is making me feel more gravid with the heat than I would ever consciously choose to be. I'm slowly making my way in the world.

And I remind myself that these are the dog days in more than one way. Always it is oppressively hot around Hiroshima Day.. My cranes from last year still fly free with this on their wings-- I will write "peace" on your wings and you will fly all over the world... much like the prayer flags the cranes and I hover for a world we can barely discern.
Meanwhile, I've been filling in on some radio shows. It's the big World Music Festival that empties out Chico right now in Grass Valley. This is the spider webby view from the KZFR (90.1FM) studio window down to the Chico Plaza with the post office and other buildings beyond.
I guess it has been a hard week. The architectural review board ok'd the Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control building along the Creek across from us... what's a bit more pesticides along the riparian corridor? Second, the Walmart expansion hearing was gruelling and opponents put up a good fight but when I saw the big buttons with the word JOBS on it I knew we were doomed. In this economy what entity could look at the long term health of the community? It's all about short term fixes...


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