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Sunday, June 28, 2009

day to think about age

I wrote this yesterday, "It’s my 62nd birthday and we are at Lake Almanor, with the veggie voyager tucked in so only the no-see-ums can find us. I waded my way through the watering at home and Farmers Market so we were able to head out of town at about noon. It’s a week since our CSA retreat ended and the emersion of my awareness in the sense of universality still continues. "
Today we discovered how to access the lake at Westwood, reached by dirt tracks and then a short jaunt through the reeds. It was gorgeous! We paddled a long way and got too much sun but the place was alive with birds, dragonflies, frogs and butterflies. The camera couldn’t capture them well but they were still a feast for the senses.

On Saturday we paddled the north side of lake Almanor and tried a swim through the weeds, algae and duck puckies. It was in the low 90s here but in the low 100s at home. Where we were there are springs but the lake is definitely trying to become a meadow. The waterfowl are lovin’ it. I was surprised to hear sandhill crane and see bald eagle and white pelican out here. The ducks do a version of “thriller” that I think M. Jackson would have liked.

It is nice to have a birthday relatively anonymously and have spread out coupling celebrations of shared meals with end of our work year summary things in the rear view mirror. As I look around I’m way overweight and not moving well. Gotta find some discipline in the year ahead or I’ll meet some misery before long. Too much richness is as bad as not enough. Gotta apply that stated consciousness to something besides gawking at what I find gorgeous.

And there's so much that is gorgeous to rave on about isn't there?


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