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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deer Lake and Packer Ridge

We had some pretty wild weather up on the Packer Saddle above the Gold Lakes. This high ridgeline ORV dirt road had a few deer hunters but we were there for easy access to the Pacific Crest Trail, which it parallels.
Down below is Deer Lake. The first day we hiked along the ridge and the second day we dropped down to the lake which was serene and wild, the calm between storms with thunder in the distance.

Here's what it looks like from the ridge line. The clouds were really beautiful how light would come through and areas would be illuminated and then angry dark clouds would dominate and then fog would almost obliterate the lake and then it would disappear completely--- all in a brief time of watching the show.

The first night there was hail the size of marbles and it covered the ground in the morning. Lightning and thunder came through in bands, like a marching band parade, each consecutive group louder, brighter and closer together. We hardly slept. The second night the wind was lashing us so strongly we couldn't sleep and I had fear we would just be blown over onto our side. Michael got up in the night and put the nose of the VV into the wind so we finally got some rest from the racket.
It was all otherwordly though-- we left in high winds, driving wind, fog and rain mixed with snow. We were a bit disoriented on arriving home to bone dry, quite warm Chico to start my work week.


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