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Monday, October 11, 2010

Indigenous Peoples Day

There is a restless wind outside and I was feeling jangled too so I came in and decided to blog about the odds and ends of life here on Mechoopda land. Above are Bruce's heirloom tomatoes and below are his squash and packing stuff against the hoops of that new winter structure he has put up. Our big issue these days on the land is turkey trapping. There are too many of them and they are eating to much of the farmers' produce. I've been out cutting johnson grass and poke and Michael has been considering how to catch them so we can release them out at Pine Creek where they can live a life with normal predation. Meanwhile the City Council vote on the General Plan is coming nearer so there is stuff about that-- we went door to door down Ivy, Chestnut and Normal on the weekend to inform people about elements of the General Plan that will come as a nasty surprise if people don't know about it-- at least now they can raise their voices.
It is definitely fall with things drying up. It is usually my favorite time of year because it is crisp and I have a lot of energy. Today I started the day with coverage from Alcatraz at sunrise on our local community radio station then followed Indigenous Peoples Day activities in Nevada City over sister station KVMR (89.5FM) I am grateful to hear about what people are doing in their communities to move in the direction of justice, self determination and even reconciliation in some cases.

A couple of nights ago we went to a Mark Herrera for City Council event and I caught the back of Diane Suzuki's head in this shot of Mark. Diane and her husband Jim Brobeck played and sang some beautiful and inspiring music. Despite my frustrations with a smattering of people and things around these parts I still find myself having moments of pure love and admiration for folks here. Same goes with politics. The Democrats mess up everything they do but I'd still rather fight to have them elected than mean spirited Republicans.... I even spent some hours yesterday calling voters in New Hampshire trying to win election for Ann McLane Kuster with the Move-On effort. Every media venue wants us to believe we are powerless and I don't buy Jim Hightower's book says, Even a Dead Fish Can Float Downstream.

This morning I went by my friend Weezie's house to pick up a pan (and see what she'd put for me in it.) I saw this feast of late summer canning on her table-- tomatoes and peaches and all kinds of treats for winter.
The most important thing is to keep going and doing our best, whatever seems most important and most meaningful. Gardening, turkey trapping, canning or politicing. I'm going to go call some people and remind them that the last day to register to vote is on the 18th and write my comments, one more time, with gusto, about elements of the General Plan like holding onto the Greenline and NOT paving over Comanche Creek.
Stay Colorful and Tasty dear reader. Don't let the drones of the dominant culture steal your Beauty.


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