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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Season of the Vote

This has been an exceptionally political couple of days as you can see.... I so very much want to ask you to vote for this very bright and kind man, Jim Reed, attorney, from Fall River Mills. He is running against endlessly incumbent (House of Representatives non representing) Wally Herger who I don't want to say anything cruel about.... but wouldn't it be great to dump him into his own private life again????
We had a great upswelling of Democratic fervor today for Jerry Brown and it was a great experience to feel that upswelling of hope again. I really liked what Jerry said about how he will bring environmental jobs to California.

Yesterday a handful of us picketed events of Carly Fiornina and Abel Maldonado. Didn't hurt anyone and had fun doing it. I can't say that I didn't argue a tad with folks I disagree with but no hurtful words... I just don't understand how they can totally deny global warming and the need to move forward in changing all that is damaging our air, water, soil in our pesticide and oil based economy. The needs are so pressing and obvious it is just confounding to speak with the republican faithful.

Please vote NO on 23 and consider just postponing your Peace and Freedom and Green dreams in honor of immediacy and need. Vote Democrat! Let's get the Democrats to listen to us and not rely on them to know or be true to what we want. Let's hire them and then give them the direction they need to do right. Go Jerry!


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