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Monday, August 1, 2011

McCoy Flats and the Biz

After the KZFR Bday party we headed up to Chester with the intention of getting a Burley "nomad" cart for Sasha from Bodfish so we could ride the Biz Johnson Rails to Trails without worrying about her getting over-heated. The first night we just made it to Westwood Junction since we got a very late start.

We stayed the night at McCoy Flat Reservoir, the headwater of the Susan River and a very wild and sweet spot by the dam. We heard from the locals that the Forest Service is going to gate some of these back-country access points. That would be an understandable response to being understaffed but I hope it doesn't happen.

We ended the day at Goumaz today and will ride the rest of the way to Susanville another day. It was good to get away from the tense ridiculousness of the debt ceiling debacle-- back into some beautiful country.


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