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Monday, August 8, 2011

Time with Ema and Orien

...and the babies and Cedar and Cary too... My dear Orien has completed the bar exam and she came home for a little while to get caught up with sleep and see old friends. We were lucky to go up to Cary's house for delicious meal and time with their family. Orien and Ema have been friends since they were little girls and we got to watch some of the old vintage plays they put on on tapes Cary dug up... I haven't laughed that much in a long time!

Fiona and Nyla are really different and are giving Ema and Cedar a good workout. Orien demonstrated her old clown skills by fashioning balloons into flowers and dogs---a skill I didn't even know she had.

After Orien left we went back up Butte Creek Canyon so Michael could fix a sink for my friend Barb--this was a butterfly from her yard. After that we circled back to Cary's for a second fix-a-sink and it was more complex, necessitating a visit to the house crawl space where Michael met up with a rattle snake. It was the most primitive and frightening of sounds--I'd forgotten. Despite everything that is happening in the wide world these are the things that seem the interesting to me.


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