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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pride and Wedding times

Kelsi and Jarrod married tonight out by the creek in a beautiful ceremony and lively party.. It was all lovely and it seemed that they should be delighted to have brought so many people together in such a lovely way. I never think in these big terms so it amazing me when so much comes together in such an opulent and grace filled way. I just hope their marriage will be a happy and strong one.
Today was also the Pride Day extravaganza downtown. Shouts out to Karen here in front of symbols of the commitment to equality... silly bounce house struggle which I won't discuss and the lovely yarn bombs. Karen who gives so much to the Shalom Free Clinic and keeps on smiling. Blessings and Respect for her and Nancy for their good works. These other women with the NoH8 message. Their strength in all our veins.
Meanwhile Michael continues to research on these Sprinters that get 25 MPG and can still do all we need for camping and high clearance. Veggie Voyaging? We'll have to see. I think we go back on the road next July...
And these are some of our beautiful "kids", beautiful women all grown and doing their lives elsewhere-- Jasper, Kira, Kyle and Amani (still with us, thank goodness for one of four.) I'm so grateful to them for coming home for Kelsi and Jarrods' wedding so I could feast my eyes on them.


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