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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reverence and Gratitude

We went to a Celebration for Randy Larsen who after 9 years has gotten his doctorate on John Muir's conception of Gratitude. I haven't read the dissertation and can't wait for the book which will follow but know in my deepest resources what these reverence and gratitude feelings are about-- for the squash flower, for the scallop and color of this wild flower at Black Butte Lake (reminding me of our home datura.)
And the sun and all it has done.. the garden feeding many -- two potlucks, a sick friend, a friend with a hankering for tomatoes.. all for the harvest. Thanks to water, earth and sun for making this Amazing beauty and variety and letting me live to see it and savor it.

Well, no excuses here. It was my idea-- to be able to go out on big lakes, like Lake Powell or up rivers where it is too hard without a second vehicle. We got a 2 HP, 4 stroke engine and Michael got the mount for the Soar. We drove the small truck, the one that runs on gasoline, out to Black Butte Lake to try it out on a hot summer afternoon. The pumping and assembly was tedious but once out on the lake you could see why so many people like their engines, aside from the noise. We had a wonderful 5MPH toodle along the wild shore, a lovely swim and gooshy walk in the gray clay earth. We returned in sunset, in the coolness and the deer dropped down on the blond grass hills below the black buttes, fish jumpin' and grebes diving.
There was another wonderful gathering of Emily's family and friends and she pulled out her harp to play a bunch of the old standard folk songs that all our generation knows and that pulls us together.
The datura flowers are still blooming but also setting their dangerous seeds. This was a plant from the Don Juan books. I guess it is my friend since it showed up unannounced a few years ago and now it is the glory plant of my late summer.
Not that summer is always so kind. I tried to get myself in closer to take this wild wasp nest photo but kept a prudent distance. I never fear a honey bee but these guys...nothing but distance will do. There is a lot of life that is like this...approach, avoid... do something if you dare, or let it ride all within the wide world of appreciation and wonder.


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