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Monday, August 15, 2011

Leo times

Emily turned 70! We had a potluck out by the creek and celebrated her. We have been together 23 years on Riparia and we are all looking gray but Addie and Imani spark up our photos alot.
Michael and I went out on biodiesel this weekend. One place was back to McCoy Flat Reservoir with the canoe to explore the lake. It was really cold up there last night, reminding us that winter is right around the corner. Still we saw frogs, lizards and a snake so they aren't too willing to give up summer yet either. We crawled along in the Susan River and showered off with hot water on the side of the VV before heading home-- a totally sensuous treat.

The day before we camped here at Echo Lake with the mist sprites dancing in the early morning light. We hiked into Star Lake without a trail, just using the GPS. It reminded me of what the contour of the land is naturally like without the benefit of trails, all the deadwood trying to trip or impale you and all the manzanita wanting to imbed you with ticks... but still it was a rewarding experience to get to a truly wild lake, just following the faint trails of deer. Next week starts bow hunting season so we will stay away from the high country.

We've all been pretty upset about the false crisis here in the U.S. Emily was one of the main organizers of The Rebuild the Dream Rally here in Chico Saturday and there were some great speakers and signs. It is time that our numbers swell though or we will lose everything that the previous generations worked so hard for to the controlling interests of corporate greed and the war machine.

And here again are those summer Goddesses, mostly Leos. Women of the Sun, warm, open, strong, opinionated, and loving. We had a wonderful party Friday evening, enjoying being together and having manicures, pedicures, massages, hair treatments and facials. Quite a few juxtapositions in my monologue aren't there?
Despite the doings and comings and goings of us humans none of us are as colorful or "put together" as this red dragon... click on the photo for the details. Enjoy.


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