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Friday, August 12, 2011

Catching Up

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Commemorations have come and gone. I appreciated very much our time together at the CSUC amphitheater. We said a unifying "prayer for peace," rang bells, made intentions for peace while tossing flower pedals into Big Chico Creek, while the candles ringed the old WPA era wall. I love the intention on these faces. I love these people.

ahhhh, So good to be able to upload my pictures again without the slow misery and lack of success.
Here is Sasha in the snow patch below the unnamed hill/mountain we got to on the Colby Mountain trip we did. The last good snow roll of winter 2010/2011 and she took full advantage of it.
Gosh I'm brain dead. This is from our trip to the Warners. You turn left you get to this falls-- I think Mill Creek and right you get to, I think, Clear Lake (not the Lake County Clear Lake.)
And this is said fire Look Out at Colby Mountain where a Desolation Angel and his wife have put in a lot of amazing years.
And this is Mantis who created the world according to the Bushmen people of the Kalahari. I appreciate this world very much. At this time the datura is also blooming, starting in a tight twist and then unfurling into a dazzling white bloom. As the world turns so do we live on with all that implies in every phase of life and time of mankind.


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