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Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Monday, October 31, 2011

Who are the VVers Now?

This is a very short transition to tell about since it happened so fast. The VV camper shell has rotted out. The materials were flimsy to begin with and our driving habits didn't help keep water from finding its way in. Michael can rebuild it but its sorry state brought up intense discussions about our next steps in the world of road voyaging. There was an ad online for a well-made cab over made by the Bigfoot company in Canada. The questions remain-is it too heavy for our old Ford Truck? Is it too high? We drove up to Chiloquin, Oregon to find out this weekend and.....

The main issues besides the financial ones are about how we transition the Veggie Voyager lifestyle into something this pristine. Will we start adding oil cans to the back and pods to the top? What about the canoe? The white carpet? All I can say is that I will love not getting dizzy when I cook, having the insulation when it is freezing outside, not having the big climb into a tomblike bed, having room to cook and not step on the dog, having a seat where I don't have to twist sideways. Humans and our comforts... Will this stop us from driving the bad roads? Will the mileage be terrible? We are dazed and amazed about our jump into this upgrade. In shock. Delighted.
Where the road of life takes you remember this Hallomas that life is short and complex and that each day of good health is precious. Love to the living and those who have gone ahead.


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