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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bank Transfer Day

Today was Bank Transfer Day. 76,000 people have moved out of the corporate banks. Folks are appalled at the consolidation of the banks, predatory practices that continue after the bail-out, like unethical lending and foreclosures, the piggy fees and the big CEO salaries. We have moved to local Credit Unions which are non-profit, accountable to members and which invest in the financial well-being of our communities. For me it felt great to pull my pension out of B of A and move it to Star Community Credit Union.
Marchers hiked from the banks at the north end of Chico to the Hands sculpture by the city offices for a rally.
There were about 75 people and we stood in a large circle. The energy was great as we started off with our intentions for a positive future--very important to not always be focusing about what we don't want! Then we had the support of the Doin It Justice Choir members in a number of unifying songs before marching to the other big banks with our message of empowerment.
Great way to stay warm on a cold, gray day. Expressing Truth to Power and Transferring Power to the People!!!


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