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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

With the 99%

Fall is stalking slowly along. The leaves along the Esplanade are turning brilliant about two weeks late. Asters and sunflowers in mid-November. We've had some frost but only barely. Tender spring is erupting from the last wetness, now turned dry. It's been intense lately too. A lot of energy and push.
Occupy Chico continues, after about a month. The young folks who began it are getting burned out and everyone is realizing we have to step in and help the core group. CT Butler, founder of Food Not Bombs and author of books on Values Based Consensus process, and his partner Wren Tuatha, did a weekend training on Consensus that really galvanized us and I'm sure will help the General Assemblies and our Occupy decision making ability. Some Occupiers have impressed me with their level Best/ rock solid natures-- like Tammy, our Chico Peace and Justice Center coordinator speaking with a regular plaza dweller below. It's been really impressive to experience the determination and clear headedness of some of the Occupy folks. It is a huge learning curve for all of us, this direct democracy.
As in every other Occupy encampment in the U.S., the Occupy folks become charged with how to be present with the homeless, head injured, mentally ill and substance using unemployed who fill our city centers. The media reflects back scary issues of violence and outrageousness and the Occupy people cope as best they can. It is really challenging to be at the tents at times.
And other times it's just fun and important, like vigiling with Peter, a Vietnam Vet, and a student (whose name I forgot) on Armistice Day with Robert and Chuck playing peace songs and the overwhelmingly positive response we got from the passerbys.


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