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Monday, June 4, 2012

Weezie's Birthday

 We brought the coastal weather back with us! I love this day despite feeling some pressure with my long "to do" list. The weekend at the coast was striking-- we stayed with this view out to the Pacific. A baker's dozen of women, some old friends, some new, all seasoned by life and love. We had a great time together and in our solitary time. I rode one of the rusted but trusty bikes from the Nye Ranch out to the state park and then back into Fort Bragg on our full day which was mostly luscious fog.

 It was Weezie's Birthday Celebration. She has a wonderful way of being Queen and bringing people together to share their lives and hopes and despairs and loves... it feels like a rich broth of heart energy by the end... a tapestry of lives woven with complementary and vibrant strands.
Some Hoo Hoos weren't there. They were at a Memorial for Cindy Kennedy, a wonderful full Life woman who went on. We send Love and Bright Light to guide her and Love for all those sisters who couldn't join us for all the reasons there are.


At June 5, 2012 at 11:48 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you chris.....


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