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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Solstice leanings

 Michael bought an electric trolling motor that goes 4 MPH and we trialed it at Black Butte Reservoir with Selkie co-piloting yesterday evening.
 It was a hot valley day and the water of the man made lake was a perfect temperature... the slant of the brilliant sun and it's fiery plunge into the Coast Range were the perfect everything about these wicked summers we have... being on or by water is the only way to go and when you are in the right place you know and appreciate it.
 Today, the actual Solstice I rose later than the sun and was out weeding and deadheading weeds by 8am but it was already broiling. At mid-day I was out with the Chico Peace Endeavor vigiling against yet another invasion of Iraq. (I don't know if anyone reads this but PLEASE call President Obama on Monday and say NO to Drone Strikes and Bombings and Troops 1-202-456-1111.) has more photos of our small but sweet vigil... linking wills with peace loving people around the globe who demonstrated for Peace around the world.
 It seems that things get more intense... Michael's CT scan showed good treatment effect with his current chemo but we remain sober about how persistent it is in the lymph glands. My second closest male friend just showed up with a very elevated PSA test. Frack Free Butte County, with our 10,000 petitioners, untold hours of work by dozens of people, had our petition thrown out by the County Clerk because of unbolded font and the lack of the words, "The People of Butte County do Ordain..." This due to a legal warning from the Oil and Gas Industry lawyers... they waited til one day after we had submitted the petitions but we just found out and are stymied with grief and anger.... Meanwhile, we drift into the sunset of the year's longest day with such tenderness and concern and longing for life and health...


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