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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Environment of Beale Air Force Base

 The Burma Sign team of Shirley, Barry and Lorraine were busily staking in recycled campaign signs extending about half a mile down from the Beale Air Force Base Main Gate... Our theme this month was "Green" so Shirley made half the signs about environmentally destructive things (thus the "Instead of..." and the second, positive things a force of able bodied peace warriors could be doing.)
 We are always graced with our Veteran friends from Veterans for Peace and this banner really hits home about the burden of the Vet.. "There are no unwounded soldiers." Such a weighty thought as the US plans attacks once again on Iraq after 23 years of failed military intervention in that country.
 Meanwhile, our efforts stress doing what is right vs not doing what is illegal and illogical. Often times the people entering the base look straight ahead and appear deadened to our presence... or any spark as they head off to another day of work. However, there are always the ones who flash us a wave, a peace sign, even a kiss... the undercurrents we stir up within the base community is an unknown to us but that is where the faith in the rightness of our presence, the enjoyment of our camaraderie and the over-whelming desire for a peaceful world all come together.
 At a certain synergistic point we had an unpremeditated soft blockade of the road... causing consternation in many. These actions are not so clearly effective nor accepted, even among our group and I won't argue the logic of either viewpoint. It is complete and rests in the history of spontaneity.
 Meanwhile the songs of Peace (here with Flora and Jeffrey) buoy us and keep us aware of our place in the movement for social change. The songs extending across time and the millions that have sung them. The words embedded in our hearts and minds.
 Toby and I were the only ones who completely pulled off the Green theme. The link between the Military Industrial Complex and the Extractive Industries is most easily seen at Beale where U-2 spy planes and other jets are constantly taking off and landing.. consuming untold numbers of gallons of jet fuel and spewing kerosene particulates and other toxins through the air.
 Although our main focus is on the damage caused by drone air strikes in poor countries of the Middle East and Africa we pause to acknowledge and call out what the legacy of wars in our generation have spewed onto the earth, our only home, home of our children's children and a very finite and perfect place.
Please do your part and say NO more Military Intervention in Iraq or Syria. President Obama's number is 202-456-1111 and our Representatives can be reached via the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121. We each carry the Love of this Planet and the Responsibility to Protect It.


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