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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trinidad Tree Sitters Thank you!

 Angela and I drove up to Trinidad today to visit the Trinidad Tree Sitters. I've been following them on Facebook and wanted to see their noble tree sit.
 They've been there over two and half years protecting an area Green Diamond wants to clear cut and another area where selective logging would remove all the mature redwoods, violating ("mitigating") a small pristine stream and spotted owl habitat.
 Green Diamond is like Sierra Pacific Industries that rape the forests in the Sierra. Green Diamond primarily owns redwoods, over 425,000 acres of them, the lungs of the coast and the anchor of life throughout the region. Their stated plan is to log all the land in 45 year rotation.
 So in our small way we gave offering to the young tough (also very sweet) defenders.. a bag of food, a book (the Veggie Voyagers!,) a little cash.
 Barefoot Chives rappelled down "Misty" to give us a tour of the forest and we talked about the issues of clear-cutting and the peril of this 84 acres of forest, creek as well as the extended Timber Harvest Plans beyond Strawberry Rock which would denude another huge area of redwood-- other tree sitters defend that area.
 I was personally grateful and humbled to be with folks who cared. Who will not let the earth down.
 This last view was once an epic rock called Sister Rock. It is now a quarry. Through the fog would be Strawberry Rock... many Yurok people have stood to say this area is special to them. All of us are called upon to stop the destruction here and throughout the remaining forests of the coastal range and the Sierra/Cascade. Reach Trinidad Tree Sitters on Facebook or on


At July 11, 2014 at 10:13 PM , Blogger Allan Stellar said...

Thanks for this post. Now I have to go visit these brave souls.


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