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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Today was graduation at Chico State. The weather man said, about 5 times, that it wouldn’t rain so I was glad I wore my rainjacket. It’s rained lightly all day. The little family groups seemed a bit dampened and the Silver Dollar Faire will be a bit of a bust today…but sorry, I’m not sorry.
I checked out student neighborhood dumpsters on my way to the Farmers Market--lots of furniture and lots of cardboard and other stuff that could be recycled. In the last Chico News and Review it was estimated that approximately half of what is coming into our almost full land-fill is recyclables, and that’s WITH curbside recycling.
On my way back from the market, peace vigil and used book store, I rode down the alleys of south-west Chico. I’ve always loved the alleys. People’s backyards are much more honest and interesting than their front yards anyway. I found a loquat tree to graze on and some photos for you.
Besides my own confusion about what to do when I grow up, my mind is filled with Memorial Day musings. I think it is obscene to purposely keep killing people in wars and then create a day to feel bad about their loss. How about not killing and maiming them in the first place! Also, our county and country are just about going belly up. The war in Iraq is costing 720 million dollars a day. That’s 4 Trillion dollars so far, (including vet benefits for all the poor souls who suffer disability as a result of their involvement.) John Kerry says to separate the warriors from the war but “Honoring Veterans, Not War” is just not enough.
Bring the Troops Home.


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